The Essentials of Razor Cutting

jul-30-petalumaSunday July 30, 2017
2pm – 6pm

The Essentials of Razor Cutting is an exclusive cutting class where we will go in depth into the position, placement and purpose necessary to become a skilled razor specialist. In this class, we will go over the anatomy of the razor, the best clients to use a razor on, what results you can expect from using a razor on your cuts, and how a razor can add texture and movement to you cutting services.

We will address open vs. closed blade strokes, the purpose of tipping and weight removal, followed by two hands-on portions, one devoted to the effortless looking (Lob) Long Bob followed an A-Line with an Undercut and A multifunctional bang.

The Razor Cutting Essentials class is highly recommended in order to move forward to our advanced and creative razor cutting courses.

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