Ruthie Grayson


Ruthie is the co-owner/founder of Urban Elements Salon. She has been a hairdresser since 2002 and is very proud to be an educator for Davines. She feels Davines has taught her so much as a stylist, and makes her proud to be part of a family that gives back to help improve our world. Ruthie is very passionate about her work in both cutting and coloring. But, her true love lies with the craft of cutting. She believes that it is important to improve our skills by understanding the common language of cutting and coloring, and to be able to share them with others.

Ruthie continues to challenge herself in her craft by traveling globally to see out inspiration, and to improve her skills. She has trained at Redkin 5th Avenue, Sassoon SF (ABD+C Creative Mens) Seattle, Allilion London, Tim Hartley (The Cult of the Cut) and as far south as Johannesburg, South Africa. She is also a Sally Rogerson Educator.