Katie Nishkian

Katie consciously started working with energy healing, energy reading and meditation in 2011 after a death and rebirth experience. She quickly learned that this was her life path and began to dedicate her life to healing work. She pulls from many different traditions and teachings and weaves a unique blend of tools to bring about increased awareness, clarity, and transformation.

She is a graduate of Landmark Education, Intuitive Training, Yoga for Kids, and a certified Shamanic Practitioner, Sacred Stone Practitioner, Realm Reader, Usui Reiki Master, Karuna Reiki Master, and Lightarian Reiki Master. She is a Mesa Carrier through the descendants of the Inka and teaches Inferno Hot Pilates throughout the Bay.

Katie also teaches meditation to children, with hopes to create a new education system rooted in awareness, authenticity, accountability, and love. She makes ceremonial jewelry, activators of protection and psychic awareness, based off ancient Egyptian amulets. All this work is with intention to bring us into alignment with our highest selves, create loving communities, heart centered work in the world, sustainable living, and a thriving planet earth.