Universal Law of Hair Color
with Rachel Nixon

2017 Class Dates:

April 23rd                10am-5pm
June 11th                10am-5pm
July 9th                    10am-5pm
October 15th          10am-5pm
November 5th         10am-5pm

This class is a prerequisite for choosing the best hair color line for yourself while exploring in depth lightness and darkness, the color wheel, underlying pigment, what your eyes see in relation to what your guests see and proper consultations to ensure 100% client satisfaction. Includes small tools to increase your average sales ticket and working smarter not harder.

Class Cost – $250For more information or to reserve your spot now, call (707) 658-2649


Men’s Comprehensive Cutting Class
with SR Education

March 12-13, 2017

Learn the S•R Men’s Comprehensive Cutting Program in a two-day, hands-on class developed and lead by Sally Rogerson. The class is a broad and modern approach focused on techniques and lengths (long, medium and short). By blending clipper work and scissor over comb techniques with S•R Education principles, the program can easily and confidently be adopted in salon environments.

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Women’s Creative Cutting Class
with SR Education

March 26-27, 2017

Learn the S•R Comprehensive Cutting Program in a three-day class developed and lead by Sally Rogerson. The hands-on course covers all ten haircuts including long, medium and short hair lengths. S•R Education classes have a small teacher to student ratio, and follow a hands-on, practical approach combined with short theory sessions.

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Number 4 High Performance Hair Care
Updo Class
with Kat Nacario


Monday April 3, 2016
10am Start Time

$25 class fee & open to the public! – For more information or to reserve your spot now, call (707) 658-2649

davines-blow-dry-classDavines Your Hair Assistant Blow Dry Class
with Rachel Nixon


Monday April 3, 2016
1pm – 3pm

Class is open to the public & free of charge!For more information or to reserve your spot now, call (707) 658-2649


Mask W/ Vibrachrom
Demo and Q&A
with Rachel Nixon



Monday April 24, 2016
12pm – 3pm



Class is open to the public & free of charge!For more information or to reserve your spot now, call (707) 658-2649



Balayage & Babylights
with Larisa Love


May 7 & 8 2017

 This class is about fundamentals of babylights & Balayage
and how to create the perfect blend.

Cost is $250 per day – $500 for both days. Larisa will provide the product and tools for each student. Participant must bring their own doll head to work on. – For more information or to reserve your spot now, call (707) 658-2649



Sunday July 30, 2017
2pm – 6pm


The Essentials of Razor Cutting is an exclusive cutting class where we will go in depth into the position, placement and purpose necessary to become a skilled razor specialist. In this class, we will go over the anatomy of the razor, the best clients to use a razor on, what results you can expect from using a razor on your cuts, and how a razor can add texture and movement to you cutting services.

We will address open vs. closed blade strokes, the purpose of tipping and weight removal, followed by two hands-on portions, one devoted to the effortless looking (Lob) Long Bob followed an A-Line with an Undercut and A multifunctional bang.

The Razor Cutting Essentials class is highly recommended in order to move forward to our advanced and creative razor cutting courses.

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jul-31-petalumaBALAYAGE ADVANCED

Monday July 31,2017


We illustrate the art of BalayColor & hair painting, the importance of base coloring and application with tandem applications, and converting an all over highlights to a balayage. You will learn how to incorporate balayage and signature pieces to create more depth and even how to do a reverse balayage & BalaySombre. We address how to approach a color correction using balayage and how to do a faux bayalage using foil highlight and finish the hairline with a proper halo & glossing in order to erase lines.
One doll head is needed per participant as this will be a hands-on course where you will put your new found skills to the test. Doll heads are to be provided by the student, these will not be available the day of the class so please plan appropriately.

Please note that it is recommended that all Balayage Advanced students first take the essentials course in order to get a fundamental understanding of the theory and techniques we will be building on for this course.

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